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12 Days 9 Films | Navarasa - Symphony of Emotions Post Production Story | Netflix

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Proud to have led this small, yet a powerful team of post production nerds, where I had the opportunity to supervise a team of three editors, one colorist and a 3D graphics team to deliver an extremely impossible task of completing 9 short films in 12 days, including directors and client changes and feedbacks. A 45 minute musical extravaganza based on nine rasas or human emotions - anger, compassion, courage, disgust, fear, laughter, love, peace and wonder, “SYMPHONY OF EMOTIONS” - a confluence of talent, emotions and music. A one of a kind global fan celebration that was showcased for the launch of Navarasa, the biggest anthology film by Netflix, led by iconic filmmakers Mani Ratnam and Jayendra Panchapakesan. All done remotely from home.

A complete post production process for 9 films completed within 12 days. No stock footages, completely shot in 4K and edited on 4K workflow. Over 50 layers of video clips were used for one of the film that was later overlayed on a customized 3D environment showcasing a 50-member voice choir performance led by the living legend A R Rahman. True to its name, Symphony Of Emotions showcased acts by extremely talented musicians from across the industry. These include flute virtuoso Naveen Kumar | Anantha R Krishnan | Viveick Rajagopalan | KC Loy | Ricky Kej | Mahesh Raghvan | Nandini Shankar | Shashaa Tirupati | Piyush Rajani and The Fine Tuners | The Live 100 Experience | Abhishek Kumar | Kunal Naik | Dipanjan Guha.

Curated, Programmed, Produced by Wobble Creative & Content LLP

Producers - K G Ramnarayan | Vidya Subramanian

Co Producer - CAB Experiences

Directed by K G Ramnarayan | Nishant Nayak | Krishna Prasad Raveendran

Click☝️ to watch the post production story

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